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Miilkbone Kids On The Ave lyrics

The block's hot, the block's hot with top notch glock shots
Surrounded by fiends but in for slingers to drop rocks
The blue baggy bender boys, that's the way we roll
Fiends around the way'll suck the ego out your pee hole
I'm fuckin' fed up with my pockets bein empty
I'm known as an MC but all these fiends tempt me
Starin' at my man Chill lookin' at the way he would
Run the drug game, we was from the same neighborhood
But back then nothin' more than a average
We grew up together, dunkin balls off a carriage
And now he got little hot shot slingin rocks in spots
Mad props, got all the fuckin' blocks locked
I knew this kid when he was a litter but now he's bigger
Got little kids pullin triggers and I feel like a quitter
And all I do is complain, I gotta earn a rap name
Cause gettin' caught always kept me out the crack game
But then I see the five-o don't harrass em, they just pass em
Even ask me if they can have some
I go straight to my man J.B. to hit me off
I hit you back, so you won't be at a loss

You got kids on the ave
Lickin' shots in the locks
Slingin rocks on blocks with cocked glocks
It don't stop

A year later, my pockets are greater, but no, not much
I got my girl cookin product and cuttin' rocks up
Yeah, the microphone whiz got his own biz
Daddy dearest to weirdest, I'm sellin to my own kids
They call me greedy as a granddad
Leave a whole clan mad, I want the same car my man Jam had
I never get it by little crack freaks in backstreets
Fuck the backseat, it's time to let my gat speak
But then again I'd rather be on the corner pushin cookies
On little steps that locked up slingin cigarettes
Man, my mind's all fucked up
I tell my man "tough luck, in this game you never get enough bucks"
And so I'm 'bout to spread eagle on muthafuckas
Had business from Southern Cal all the way to Rockers
Got a bunch of kids who know my name on the block
As the hand clapper rapper on the rise with the rocks
Cause real late at night all these fiends are like zombies
Don't walk by me (I ain't your everyday timer-timer)
I never do my own dirt cause that won't work
I got kids runnin' for mine, fuck doin' they homework

It seems the more time passes the larger that I'm gettin'
Writin rhymes every day but don't know where my future's headin
It's me and my girl cause my crew ran a game
Took a train to the plane 'cause they said I ain't the same
They said I got the drug fame now I'm actin' cloudy
But cash rules everything around me, so be audi
This ain't the way I planned it, I don't understand it
Back then I rock a party and still end up bein stranded
But now I got my onw ride, got my own crib
Clockin get me more money than a microphone did
I find J.B. to pay him what he gave me
I'm walkin' mad nervous cause these kids are actin' shady
I sit back collectin, the five-o ain't expectin
If ain't shit wrong, there's no need for correctin
I got the mad dough cash flow, paid out the asshole
More power than Wonder Woman's lasso
But oh shit, there go Chill, said he gotta speak to me
That's that kid that inspired me illegally
He probably wan' get d with me, or maybe not
Pulled out the black glock, "stay off the fuckin' block"
Now what m'I gon' do, fuck that bitch, he ain't shit
I put the hollow tip clip on the hip and hit the strip
Scared as a muthafucka, I ain't gon' front
These bitches want my head, I'm 'bout to give 'em what they want
They'll probably get my girl if they don't see my brains melt out
Fuck the satisfaction, I'm about to take myself out


Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
1 play No Gimmicks 2:07
2 play Ghettobiz 3:44
3 play Keep It Real 3:42
4 play Mindgamez 4:04
5 play Traffic Jam 0:59
6 play Move Wit' Da' Groove 3:48
7 play How Ya Like It? 3:09
8 play Freestyle 0:49
9 play Set It Off 3:20
10 play Where'z Da' Party At? 3:10
11 play Murder Verbs 4:17
12 play Fast Cash 0:34
13 play Kids On The Ave 3:29
14 play Check Me Out 3:31
15 play Bamma Fam 1:09
16 play Ketchrek 3:36
17 play It Ain't The Same 4:23
18 play 2 All Y'all 3:50
19 play Keep It Real (Remix) 3:15

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